Mojo Hydration

Rising Above Competition:

Mojo Hydration is a mobile IV hydration therapy company based out of Louisville, Kentucky. With the rise of competitors in the area, Mojo needed a way to stand out. They decided that they would shift efforts to digital marketing and with our help, they are now the #1 IV provider in the Greater Louisville area!

Social Media Management

Prior to us starting with Mojo they weren’t fully utilizing social media to grow their brand. Stock images that somewhat correlate to your business can sound good in the moment, but won’t drive awareness like compelling content would. Content creation and daily engagement has been key to the success and growth of the pages.

Content Creation

Strong content creation is key to building a good reputation with your brand. Transitioning from stock images and graphics to fun lifestyle content has had an enormous impact for Mojo. We strive to create content that people actually care about, can resonate with, and doesn’t look like self promotion/advertising.

Growing an Engaging Community

Content creation is just half the battle. If no one is seeing your content, then it’s useless. For Mojo, we started engaging with users who showed interest in Louisville. Whether they live there or are just visiting, we want them to know about Mojo and their services. To do this, we target users who interact with popular Louisville pages, local hot spots, and major magazines. This sparks interest, grows the page, and leads to new customers for Mojo.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a great way to target individuals whether through interests and/or demographics. Mojo’s ad campaigns drive thousands of impressions and website visits at an average CPC of only $0.39 and an average CPM of only $5.10!