Ballreich Snack Food Company

Restoring Public Perception:

With what started with just a few pounds of chips out of a small garage in Tiffin, Ohio, grew into what many fans across the country enjoy today, Ballreich Potato Chips. Ballreich has been known for their delicious chips since 1920 and have been able to keep the same small town feel while incorporating new products, going national, and working with big names like ESPN.

Social Media Management

After an FDA mandate, Ballreich, along with countless other companies, was forced to change the oil they used in their recipe. Ballreich’s fanbase was resistant to the change and sales began to decline. With a strong social media presence, we have been able to drive more awareness and positive interactions with the brand, restoring the public perception that once was.

Content Creation

Content creation plays an important role in the performance of social media. A mix of photos and videos have been the most successful for Ballreich. After our initial meeting with Ballreich, we agreed to change up their current content strategies with more lifestyle photos to connect more with their audience. Over 200,000 users are now seeing this content monthly!

Growing an Engaging Community

Content creation is just half the battle. If no one is seeing your content, then it’s useless. For Ballreich, we started engaging with members of the local Tiffin community. Once we established a good presence in Tiffin, we worked our way out towards Northeast Ohio, Southwest Ohio, and lower Michigan. Our engagement strategies are designed so that targeted users, who aren’t following us, are constantly seeing our pages. This leads to more awareness, growth, and a stronger community.